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the Winter Palace, Vienna, Austria
the battle room, paintings by Jacques Parrocel
 “Originally built as a lavish stately residence for Prince Eugene of Savoy, then acquired in the eighteenth century by Empress Maria Theresa before being used for the Court Treasury and later as the Ministry of Finance, this Baroque jewel in downtown Vienna has finally been restored to a centre of art and culture. With the opening of the Belvedere’s new – and fourth – exhibition venue, the principal rooms of Prince Eugene’s state apartments will be accessible to the public from 18 October 2013 on.”
source: www.belvedere.at
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Blue door by sheshakes on Flickr.
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bucaramanga by tapeandfilm on Flickr.
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()()() by Louis Hvejsel Bork on Flickr.
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SCO1622 by ScottD Photography on Flickr.
White lion at Wildlife Heritage Foundation UK
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andrew belle was perfect now you know.

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